Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In the orchard.

This apricot tree is one of the originals. It's going great guns. Love apricots 

The little almond has a few. It's only been in this year. 
The plum trees. Also been in a while. Always fruit well. Yummy 
This is the damage the rabbits have inflicted. They're in plague proportion and are really stressing my new tress. In the process of fencing each tree. But heaps of damage already done. This was all don't in two days! I really need to check more often but it's out the front and trucks are coming and going but the rabbits just don't care 
So lots of tender loving care and it should be ok 
The little buggers. 
See ya xx


  1. Wow, all the fruit! Apricots are about my favorite!

  2. These pictures promising long Summer nights full of fireflies and fairies are such a tease! Lots of love from half the world away!