Monday, December 28, 2015

That was Christmas 2015

A very windy Christmas Day was at my house. Also the hottest in twenty years! But this was the space before everyone arrived. I didn't get any pics once everyone was here as I was run off my feet. 
My first ever plum pudding. Made in the slow cooker over night! See so busy I had to cook while I slept lol. It was very yummy and super moist. I'll be making it again me thinks
Then Boxing Day at my parents for a traditional Greek Christmas. The lamb on the spit is always a favourite 
So here's hoping you had a lovely Christmas filled with love and laughter. 
Time to debrief until next year lol 
See ya xxx


  1. Your space is just perfect for a large family gathering. I would like one like it of my own. That pudding looks very tempting, did you make the sauce for it too?

  2. Your pudding looks superb Angela! Your outdoor area is just perfect. I can just picture the Christmas celebrations at your parents...when I was little, my dad's employers were a Greek family and I so remember some wonderful Christmases and Easters that they shared with us!!

  3. Ohhhh lamb!!! Happy holidays to you and yours!!! Mwah!