Monday, February 15, 2016

Settling down

After all the excitement of the weekend. I've been home today catching up on cleaning and crafting. 
I finished this star blanket for melody 
I'm working on finishing the squares for this blanket. Only six to go
And I've started this one for when we have the winter blanket appeal for the homeless. 
And here is a pic of my baby girl and her baby. Just because I think they are both beautiful. 
And so no one misses out. Here is the proud daddy. He is a cutie too lol
So very proud of them both. 
So what are you up to today?
See ya xxx 


  1. You have been busy, haven't you?
    Lovely pictures of the new parents and baby. I'm sure you will keep us posted on the new family's progress!

  2. Lovely knitting and crocheting projects, Angela and gorgeous photos of the proud dad and mum...very special time for you all xx