Friday, February 5, 2016


Today it's a beautiful sunny day. Through a window it's very warm. But the wind is feeling a little cool. 
You can feel the changes in the seasons. 
The extreme heat of the midsummer is gone. And I'm very thankful for it. 
Days like today are perfect for hanging your washing on the line. 
Love the smell of line dried sheets!  
So soon the leaves on the trees will start to change colour, and the morning will get frostier and the days shorter and I'll know it's time for my favour time of the year. 
Autumn is coming!
See ya xxx


  1. Love the line dried smell of sunshine on the sheets!
    You'll still have time for warm weather fun before the real chill arrives. It sounds like a near perfect day!

    Any other news? ;-)

  2. Ok Angela, I'm sitting here on the deck smiling at your words and experiencing the same warm pleasant day - then you start to talk about leaves changing colour and frost arriving. Hang on girl, you certainly know how to put a downer onthings lol.
    You are right about shorter days, I'm noticing the evenings are 'drawing in' about 8.30 pm now. Yes Autumn has begun - but no frost yet please :)

  3. Sure pretty white roses. Notice a few crocus just starting to poke though.

    Coffee is on