Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hens night

Last night we had a dinner at the titanic restaurant for my future daughter in laws hens night. 
Here we all are ready to board the ill fated titanic lol 
The wedding party in in the front 
Normally we would of been in first class. Upstairs. But they had a private function take that so we were seated in steerage. Not a good omen for us 
It was still lovely. A big cramped but the ambiance was great and the food very yummy. It was a set menu and everyone had to pay the one price Prior to the night. Drinks at the bar were reasonable and I had one cocktail for the night. Called you guessed it. The titanic lol 
The crew were all dressed up and the show was very interactive. Luckily I j was way in the back corner 
So the night ended with us hitting the iceberg and the crew locking us in but somehow we survived 
The girls have spent today at the peninsula hot springs. But one late night is enough for me.
So wishing the girls the best day out and my beautiful daughter in law some wonderful memories 
The wedding is getting closer every day 
See ya xxx


  1. Your night out sounds like a lot of fun. At your age, I would have loved it! A bit of play acting with people you enjoy being around - not to mention the good food!
    After the wedding, you will need a mini vacation - you have so much going on!

  2. Certainly looks like a fun night!