Friday, February 19, 2016


Yesterday afternoon I went to bed with a DVD and my crochet. I was very sore and so very tired. I've decided to make four squares and sow them together to make my blanket. 
Last night I got the last of the pre made cookie dough. I always make heaps and portion it. Freezing some for later use. 
So cookies are now in the oven
So today I'm on a go slow. I will get stuff done. But I'll take my time and hopefully I'll avoid a crash. 
It's Friday so hang there. It's almost the weekend. 
See ya xxx


  1. You were due for a rest.
    I used to freeze extra for later on too. :)

  2. Good to see that you're taking it a bit slower for a while. Hope you are feeling a lot better soon. Both the rug and the biscuits look good...:-)