Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hungry birds

On Sunday I bought a cuttlefish for my birds. At first the didn't seem interested but today I found this on the bottom of their cage. It's more than half eaten 
Here is a side shot. See how thin. I'm amazed. I've put it back in with a special clip so the can continue eating it. But it looks like I'll have to another this weekend. 
I'm so glad I got it for them. They obviously needed it badly 
Windy here right now but I think rain is coming so in back outside to get things done before that happens 
See ya xxx


  1. Boy, they really went at that thing, didn't they? I didn't know they actually ate them like that.

  2. This posts brought back some fond memories of collecting cuttlefish from the beach for an elderly neighbour's birds. :-)