Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sunny Saturday

It's a lovely Saturday morning. A little windy which is just cool. But so very nice out 
Perfect for getting the lawns done. With all the recent rain its growing quickly 
I had to harvest these as my poor little tree was weighed under. Still had a few more. Not bad for only a year in the pots
The brassicas are growing really well. In here there is kale mini cauliflower and broccoli. A second planting will be needed soon to keep us going all winter 
The Beetroot is also progressing nicely and the silverbeet is still going strong. Plenty for us the chooks and to share 
Even the finger eggplant still going. Even though the plants are tiny 
The chickens love their daily silverbeet hit. They always wait patiently when the see me coming lol 
Even the budgies love it 
And yes the cats are still fascinated by them 
What's happening in your back yard?
See ya xx

1 comment:

  1. Everything is still so lush and green there! So nice that you are still getting things from your garden. Enjoy your weekend, Angela!