Sunday, May 15, 2016

New fruit trees

Today we went to diggers in dromana to get some fruit trees. 
Here they are. They may look little now  but they will grow big and hopefully produce lots for us 
We even got some garlic to plant. Yummy 
Hubby is planting the two avocado trees. We will start them in pots and plant out in 12-18 months. Hopefully the will be hardier and have a better chance of growing strong 
A tamarillo. These are frost tender so will stay in the pot under our back porch 
All three have been staked and given liquid food to aid in root formation 
This is a loquat. It's a baby now but grows huge. So it's already out in the orchard. Again protected and feed. 
And as the drive to dromana from here is about 45 minutes I took along a new project. That way no time is wasted. 
So a lovely day spent traveling and planting enjoying the sunshine. I'm sure winter will come soon. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 
See ya 


  1. That is so exciting to add some new trees to the garden. So happy for you.

  2. A lovely day for a plant shopping trip! Perfect day to plant trees too. I really love your neat yard!

  3. My but you have a lovely place, what with the gaily-painted planters!

    Avocados don’t grow here at the 45th North Parallel, but we do have one indoors. It’s about four years old and isn’t looking good, so I’m wondering if they simply don’t live long inside a house.

    When we moved to his house—26 years ago—there was an old apple tree, an old plum tree, and an old pair tree. The plum died about eight years ago, and I finally cut the apple down last winter (it was hollow inside), but the the pear tree just keeps on keeping on.

    I'm always grateful when you visit my blog. Thank you.

    1. Thanks snowbrush. I didn't realise you could see my vegetable gardens in the pic. Trying to get my gardening mojo back xx

  4. Fruit trees are such a great investment for the future, and you've bought such a lovely range. That's some pretty pink yarn that you're working with 😊

  5. Thank you everyone. I'm hoping these trees grew and produce lots of fresh fruit for th new generation to enjoy. I look forward to th days of harvesting with th grand babies