Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Lots of little things

We have sectioned off the front of the picket fence and allowed the chickens to come through. The old fence is almost falling down. So much so we couldn't weed as they were what was holding it up 
Over winter the girls will clean it up and in the spring we will get it replaced. As the chickens live on the other side of this it will have to be done in the one day. So all material will be purchased and painted and then erected. Let's hope we will pull it off correctly 
But for now the girls are enjoying the view from the other side 
Bought these pots and they are reqdy for planting. I want to plant those ballerina Apple trees.  They grow up instead of out. The is enough room for two in each pot. They will help hide the shed and give me yummy apples 
And today our new couches arrived. These are smaller than our old ones, so the room feels bigger and they have leg rests. So I'm sure they will be very comfy. The cats have already climbed all over them and given them the Seal of approval 
So nothing extraordinary but lots of little things keep us busy 
How has your week been shaping up?
See ya xxx

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha, weeds holding up the fence, kinda like rust holding up the little car. :-) I'll bet the hens like their new freedom and view.
    I like your new double recliners. I have one. It's usually a clothes rack - we seldom have that many guests. :-)
    I like your new pots for the apple trees, very sharp!