Thursday, October 27, 2016

What I'm reading


Having a conversation about genetics in the pool the other day. 
As you do. And I told her how we can all be traced to seven women. She looked at me and said yes! I have a book about it. 
So the lovely Claire brought the book in for me to read. 
It's written by THE scientist who did the research and he explaines the whole process from idea through to acceptance by the scientific community. 
It's fascinating. 
He has written it as plainly as he can. But there are some scientific sections. 
Not too hard though so you can get through it. 
He then puts names to these women and a short story of how their lives might of been. Taking into account the time and place they lived. 
I'm only 2/3rds through it. But I love it. 
Its amazing how we are all able to trace our ancestry to one of these seven clan mothers, as he calls them. 
It's called  the seven daughters of eve and it's quite a read. 
It was published in 2001. So I don't know how hard it would be to get. 
But if you can and your interested in genetics or where we all come from. I highly recommend 
I'm actually going to see if it's available on kindle as it would be worth reading again 
Especially if I'm ever able to do the test as see to which clan I belong. 
If I find it. I'll tell you all. 
See ya xxx


  1. I love family trees and have awesome women in the family ..true colonial pioneers. This book sounds interesting. I'll check it out

  2. Wow! I must keep an eye out for that book. The ads on TV are obviously working with more people taking the test. In the last week I've been sent a whole lot of new matches from both sides of my family. We ( the Barbagallo family branch that I belong to) are all reeling to find out that my cousin's husband is actually related to us. ��