Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Conflicting messages

Well spring is here according to my plants. 
But you wouldn't know it from the weather 
It's been bitterly cold, wet and very very windy!

The roses are full, green and have flowers 
They are looking great right now. 
Hopefully many mor blooms to come in the next few weeks 

This is my little avocado tree. The one we plante only a few short months ago 
It's bursting with flowers. Does anyone know if I should cull a few or even all of them? 

Even my olive tree is full of blossom. 
I wonder if it will keep many or drop most of them. 
Because of the weather I haven't been out to check on progress of these plants. They have been getting 
Lots of watering from the rain. Although I did do a feed and water just a couple of weeks ago. This magnolia 
Was naked then. And now look! Lots of new green leaves 

And the Apple trees th hubby was so sure were dead. 
Not only has they got lots of green leaves growing. But Apple blossoms too

And although th sweet peas I planted in the hanging pots have died due to the frosts 
These ones have flowers
So the flora kingdom knows its spring. 
But the weather needs reminding I think! 
Let's hope it warms up soon. 
See ya 



  1. Those roses are such a beautiful colour. When do you expect the tree to produce avocados? Our walnut tree has sickened with worms and when one day we'll plant something else there....avocado is one choice. The soil needs cleaning and replenishing first. Don't know why the poor walnut died

  2. I love it that you love your yard and your plants! I love mine, but I only have the one rose. It was in the front yard when we moved into this house in 1990, and I’ve since moved it twice, and it never seemed to mind.

    How I envy you that your winter is at an end when ours is just getting into gear. It’s nearly noon now, but still too dark to read without having a light on. Such is winter in western Oregon, USA.