Monday, October 3, 2016

Playing around with blogger

I was talking to a fello blogger the other day on Facebook
Sharon from now you see me
We were discussing how you go about putting video on our blogs 
I have the blogger ap on my iPad and you cannot do it from there 
Don't know why but I even googled it and nope you can't. 
So I got on the old fashion web site on my iPad 
As you can see. It is possible but you need to upload your video onto your YouTube account first and then you can put them here 
It's a lot of mucking about I guess. But where there is a will there is a way 
And I'm nothing if not persistent 
So here are the two I used as my  experiment 
The first one is Called breakfast 
And the second is called walking down the garden path 
Yeah I know. But apparently you got to name them 
The tall sticks you see in the second video are my ballerina apples
Finally starting to grow leaves 
See ya xxx


  1. There you go! Neat videos. Loving the little peek into your home place. I love that garden ... well, I envy you, your whole place!

  2. I'm impressed with your computy know how!! Wonder if I will ever get there. Videos are great. More please!

  3. Thanks ladies. It's not hard really. If it was I wouldn't of been able to do it lol

  4. Like you it took me ages (and like you lots of research) to sort this out. Wordpress was not helpful at all! I discovered (like you lol) a youtube account was the key :)
    Neat little videos Angela - your roses are coming on a treat

    Ps Doesn't hurt to exercise the old brain cells now and again does it lol

  5. To upload a video - from youtube you go to the share button underneath the video. You copy and paste the code that says embed. Then when you open your post just change the button to from compose to html (top left hand corner) and paste it there. Switch back to compose and you can write as normal.

    There is also an insert a video button, but I find the other way quick and easy to use.

    Julie Q