Sunday, February 26, 2017

Getting ready

My son and daughter in law have sold their home and are going to find something bigger. But while they are looking they will be moving in here with us
They have two indoor cats who will spend most of their time out here. I don't think I could cope with four indoor cats all the time 
So hubby and I have purchased this. I wanted somewhere where my cats could go out and play but I never seemed to have the time to organise it or the funds. So this kinda made me  have to organise it 
I think it looks great in the back yard and as their cats will spend most days out here we will throw a tarp over it. Just to make sure they stay nice and dry 
I have bought some new scratching posts and some chairs an we I'll turn it into a cats paradise 
Lots of places to snuggle and sleep. They can access both cages via the two tunnels. 
Pretty swish I think 
I hope they like it 
See ya xxx



  1. Definitely 'Swish'
    I hope they find a new home to their liking in good time. I'm sure you'll love the company.
    I hope your finger is on the mend.

  2. very swish, I bet they will love it, as will your cats when the other ones move to their new home.

  3. A very swish cat apartment indeed! Lol

  4. That looks like they will have fun with it. I love the arches.