Saturday, February 11, 2017

Wedding day

Today we were very privileged to attend the wedding of Dale and Vanessa 
Dale works for us but we have know him since he was a  School boy. He had been at school with our kids
They have a beautiful daughter Mia who is two years old 
So another one of my adopted children is now married and on the road to the rest of their lives 
Hubby has dropped me off at our cabin. We are staying in town rather than driving home 
And he has gone back to continue partying on. 
Chronic pain has cut my party days short. But I wouldn't of missed this for the world 
Seeing all my children's friends happy And getting on in life. Makes me very very happy
So a long and happy life to the newly weds 
May they always be as happy as they are today 
See ya xxx


  1. Sorry about your pain cutting your fun time, but at least you were there for the important stuff! Dale has a very pretty bride!

  2. Always lovely to see people happy and planning their lives together.
    Good for you, enjoying what you can when you can within your limits is the best way to go. I used to push the limits but now I also am quite happy with my new normal as I like to call it. Cheers Angela :D)

  3. Now that is very special.
    Just a side note. Yesterday there was a waterfall going over wave rock. This was posted on Facebook.