Friday, February 24, 2017

Being frugal


This is my favourite place to sit and craft. Especially during early autumn and late spring 
It been a faithful companion for many years. But the cushion had started to perish and now it split totally and needed repairing or replacing 
I've been looking and nothing I have seen has taken my fancy and really there is nothing wrong with the seat. Just needed new cushions. 
But as we know they don't make cushions for this anymore and if they did they cost as much as a whole new chair!
So me bing me I did this. 
The crochet blanket has seen better days and has many repairs itself. Found a roll of ribbon that I probably would never use and 
This is what it looks like now 
Not exactly cuttin edge fashion. But I like it and nothing has gone into landfill no money was spent by me and I have the satisfaction of giving teo old well loved items a new lease on life
A good mornings work I think 
Now to sit and swing and enjoy!
See ya xxx


  1. Good work and certainly brightens things up.

  2. That works! Functional and pretty, good job!

  3. I love those crocheted granny square throws. Yours looks fabulous!! Perfect place for crafting

  4. It looks great Angela... Really inviting. Good on you, I too like a successful recycling!