Friday, February 17, 2017

Easter bunnies

Someone at knitting made a few of these. So someone else had the idea we should all make them and send them to the Royal children's hospital in Melbourne for the sick kiddies at Easter 
 Think that might of been me!lol 
So here are my first two. Neither one is perfect. One of the eggs is too big as I got carried away and kept knitting, but I'm sure some little boy or girl will love them 
And with each one I will get better. I hope! 
I just love their little tails 
So I'm going to be making a few of these. Each week to add to the pile we send off. 
Hopefully we get a good many to bring smiles on the faces of those kids stuck I hospital over Easter  
Especially ones that won't be able to eat chocolate 
It's a great way to use up all those half balls of yarn!
See ya xxx


  1. What a delightful idea! You'll have to knit up a bunch of them, everybody will want one!

  2. So cute, so clever. Each of the bunnies is an individual. Terrific idea.

  3. They are so cute! They will certainly bring joy to the recipients of your lovely, kind idea.

  4. Aw Angela, what a kind and thoughtful project you instigated. Good on you, the children will definitely love them 😊

  5. I'm touched that you're doing this, and I think they're lovely. Peggy gets migraines when she eats chocolate, so she would have been one of those kids who will be especially appreciative.