Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Weight still holding. 
I’m hoping it drops. But it’s just steady right now. 
I even went on a big bike ride but it hasn’t helped. 
Might have to do more riding but as long as it doesn’t go up I’m happy 

Daughter is still expecting.  Her offical due date is this coming Saturday but 
We are hoping for her to come soon 
As for me. I’m working furiously on this 
It’s growing slowly so I’m sure the new baby won’t be getting it when she’s ready for school lol 
Have planned an evening of videos and crochet in bed as hubby is in town getting parts. 
I’ll keep you all posted
Have a great rest of the day 
See ya 


  1. Hello Angela - Thinking of you as the week goes by. What's the betting the new babe will be wrapped in your beautiful handiwork when it has its first photos taken.

  2. Good on you for all the exercise. Hope you drop the last kilos.

  3. I recognise that blanket (from call the midwife I think). Such a pretty colour you are making it in. Hope your new grand baby makes a safe arrival soon and that you get the blanket finished in time :)


  4. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!