Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back to bling

Because of fibro pain making me feel like anything close to my skin was either like barb wire or hot pokers 
I had to take all my jewellery off. 
This made me very sad as I love bling 
My poor ears were the worst the earrings felt like they were just hot metal rods and even my hair brushing 
Last then was excruciating pain 
So out they came

Fast forward three years 

Now I’m so much better 
I’ve started wearing my watch, and my bracelets 
And I wanted to put my earrings back in 
Oh no. 
The holes had closed and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the earrings in 
So today I had them re pierced 

I was a little scared 
I don’t like pain and I was worried I would feel lots of pain 
But no. As the holes were still there. Just closed in the back it didn’t hurt at all 
So I’m almost back to full bling 

I’m very happy. 
These little milestones as proving I’m on the mend 
I’ll never be cured, but I am loads better and I’m managing it all 
Feeling very happy 
See ya xxx


  1. Heavens I had no idea that fibrosis was so bad. Can't imagine that sort of pain. Wonderful you are now feeling well enough for the ratings and jewelery.
    I have two holes on one ear and three in the other and have small earings too. Don't like families though may wear one to a wedding

    1. Spell check made that incomprehensible!
      Ratings should be earings
      Families - danglies

    2. Got to love spell check lol I use to love all the fancy earrings. I’ll stick to these for a while I think and yes fibromyalgia is the worst for all over pain. It’s terrible

  2. Glad you are able to wear your bling again. I find mine close in the back also. It is not hard to push them open again.. Best wishes. E :)

    1. It was really hard. They had almost healed through!
      The one thing that heals on me and I don’t want it too lol