Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Product review. Backpack vacuum

Last week I bought this backpack vacuum from Aldi 
Now we all know how much I love Aldi and their social buys 

This backpack vacuum is lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre 
It’s easy to get the head off and get into the corners. Which my dysons weren’t 
Your not pulling along a vacuum so it’s great on my back, shoulders and arms 
And it has a strong sucking action.  It picked up all the little bits of wood that get dropped when we bring it into the house 

But it has two things I’m not thrilled about 
1. Even though it’s lightweight and you can hardly feel it on your back 
Don’t Bend too far over. It will push you lol 

2. It’s got a standard head on it. So I guess I’m going to go and have to get a more robust one 

And finally 
You will feel like a ghostbuster while wearing it 

Who you gonna call! 
Other than that. I’m happy with it 
I only paid $129.00 so even if I have to spend another $50 -$100 on a power head it’s still a cheap vacuum cleaner 
I’ve only used this in the house 
But I’m thinking vacuuming the car is going to be much easier with this. 
And it’s got a 10 meter long cord 
So there you go 
If you can still get one and have thought you might like one 
I suggest you do. The price isn’t extravagant and I’m sure you will get your money’s worth 
See ya xx


  1. I've never seen anything like that before! Talk about ghost Hunters. Don't think they've arrived here yet..wonder if they ever will.
    We need a selfie of you wearing it

    1. There is never anyone around when I vacuum. But if I remember I’ll get one for you lol