Saturday, September 15, 2018


The only up side to crashing is getting my Craft on 
I’ve been working on this C2C 
Right now I’m in the process of making it a rectangle 
So increasing on one side and decreasing on the other. 
Once it’s long enough I’ll start to decrease on both sides 
It’s going to be a blanket for melody 
Today the weather is very bipolar. One minute there is sunshine and the next, it’s black and the wind picks up 
And rain comes pelting down 
Explains all my pain yesterday and this morning 
So what’s on your hook/needles? 
Do you craft to lose yourself and not feel your pain? 
I’d love to know 
See ya xxx 


  1. It is beautiful. I am making Micky and Mini hats for the g kids. Some Camo for the older ones. It does not distract my pain. So, Only work on it if I am calm. Best wishes to you. :)

  2. I'm trying to learn a few different crochet patterns to exercise mind. I've learned a couple of simple shell patterns. Did a few rows of the virus shawl. Think I'll make a shawl or wrap though don't know if I LL ever wear them.
    Love your crochet project