Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Artic blast

Winter is here! 
A blast of freezing air is coming from the south and temperatures are dropping 
Constantly getting sheep graziers warnings and damaging winds alerts 
My body is feeling every change in the barometer 
Our fire is going and roaring 
The snow fields are already bombarded and the ski season doesn’t start for another two weeks 
So although winter has taken its time to arrive 
She isn’t strolling in, she’s breaking down the door and howling in 
Stay warm all in her path 
See ya xx


  1. Its 11pm and 14 degs so no heaters needed for us tonight. Keep warm and cozy friends.

  2. LOL - I blogged about the same thing this morning.
    Just a shame we can't tell her to turn around and clear off back to where she came from:)
    I'm sure we'll survive but July can't come soon enough when we're off up north for our usual 'winter break'
    Hope you feel better soon Angela

    1. I’m not heading north this year. Good timing isn’t it lol

  3. Goodness! Is it usually this cold this early?

    1. No. We usually have mild winters. But I’m sure we will survive xx

  4. You stay warm in front of that wood burner!

  5. It summer for us North of Equator.
    Coffee is on