Sunday, May 5, 2019

Deep hole

I’ve not been in a good way 
Pain levels have been as bad as they have ever been 
My blood pressure has been low and I’ve been having dizzy spells and feeling sick 
I have no idea what  has brought on this major crash 
But I’m not dealing with it at all 

So I’ve been home 
Hiding from the world 
Sleeping resting crying 

If anyone asks I’m ok 
I’m always ok 
Who wants to hear your not 
No one 
Not really 
I’m ok 


  1. Angela I am sorry that you are having a rough time. I'd love to see pictures of Bella and your other babies. if you are not able to share things about you we would love to see the cats and your new puppy.

    I hope things settle for you. please let someone know you are not ok. you have such a lovely family. They will understand.


    Julie and Poppyq

  2. You were doing so well, swimming, girls days out.
    I'm sorry to hear you're in such a bad place now.
    Hope little Trixie will get rid of that big black dog. Thinking of you and wishing you a quick recovery!!

  3. Sorry to hear you are not travelling so well. Sending you love and best wishes Angela. Hope you start to feel better real soon.

    Love Tania xxx

  4. No one asks if I'm okay, but they do ask how I am. Like you say, it usually makes no sense to tell them.