Friday, May 31, 2019

Single life

Three tubs and the wood box have been filled. 
Cats and teddy fed 
Trixie is eating at her favourite spot in front of the fire 
House has been closed up and all bedded down 
This will be my routine for the next two weeks while hubby is away 
Up north to see the Finke races near Alice springs 

I don’t mind being on my own 
I’ve done it before.  for most of the first half a dozen years of married life 
It’s nice to be alone 
But after a few weeks I do miss him 
Luckily by the time I decide I miss him. He will be back

So I’m snug and warm
And I’ve got the TV remote! 
Just going to go and make a cuppa and I’ll be set 
Enjoy your weekend 
See ya xxx


  1. Enjoy yours too Angela. Hopefully you have some back up help if you're not feeling ok.
    The Golfer would often be out of town and I definitely enjoyed that 'me' time. It hasn't happened for a few years now and i miss those times of 'freedom' lol

  2. Oh wonderful! Plenty of wood, contented animal companions and peace. No cooking....well just what You want.
    Have fun. I am envious!!!

  3. We are due for a wintry weekend here as well, so the heaters are primed, the fridge is full and like you I have a pile of books and shows to watch. Oh and a three day weekend, which will be lovely.