Thursday, August 29, 2019

A magical 24 hours

My friend Nancy and I are both tragic potter heads. 
So of course we had to go and see
Harry Potter and the cursed child 

Playing in Melbourne, which is approximately and hours drive away, 
We decided we would take a train into the city and stay the night   Making it a mini break 
And allowing us to rest between the shows

We decided to stay at the Windsor Hotel which is only a hundred meters or so from the theatre 

So easy and convenient 

It’s a beautiful old hotel that was established in 1883 

It’s very posh. 
Way more grand than we are used too lol 
We had dinner and breakfast in the restaurant and the meals were lovely 

Many famous people have stayed here.  Pretty sure we didn’t have the same rooms as they did lol 

This was our room 
It was spacious warm and comfortable 

The bathroom had all you needed 
It was clean and practical 

The small kitchen area for coffee and tea facilities 
We really didn’t use. Nancy had one cup of tea and that was it. 

And here is where the magic all happened 
There were two shows 
Part one started at 2.00 o’clock 
And part two started at 7.30 o’clock 
It was an amazing experience 
It is pricey and taking a family to see it would require saving
But oh my. It was worth every cent 

You will need to know the Harry Potter stories 
But if your a potter fan at all. 

I’m home now. 
Tired, sore and oh so happy 
See ya xxx

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