Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sleepover at grandmas

It’s been a long time since melody had a sleep over 
So yesterday her mamma dropped her off and we had so much fun 
First there was building with circles

Very proud of their creation 

Watching wiggles with her doggie best friend 

Trying on grandmas glasses when the wiggles sing about wearing their seeing glasses lol 

We also feed the sheep and the cows 
And all the fur babies 
And finally sleeping with grandma in the spare big bed 

Breakfast this morning 
And then back home 
She missed her mummy and her sister 
We all had fun 
But grandma and grandpa are both tuckered out now lol 
What a blessing this little is girl is 
See ya xxx


  1. Gee, is everyone in your family beautiful! Oh how I wish I had children in my life because I love them and they love me, but alas I have none. If you're still 52 (might it be time to update your profile?), then you're eighteen years younger than I. I'll trade you those years.

    1. Yes I’m still 52. For the rest of this year anyway
      I wouldn’t trade on of them in for all the gold in the world
      Yup. Very very blessed I am
      Thanks so much lovely xxx