Monday, August 5, 2019

Moving right along

And suddenly is August oh my where has the year gone
Even though I changed the calendar over and I knew it was August I 
Didn’t realise it properly until I heard one of the commentators on the football 
Say there were only three weeks left in the home and away season 
That shocked me 
The finals fly by and then it’s the grand final and then bang it’s Christmas 

Hubby is recovering well. He has been good and doing as the doctors told him 
Soon his sling will come off and he will start physio 

Im not going to the pool super early but I’m still getting there most days so that’s good I guess 

Meanwhile I’ve been going to go and buy a trundle bed for the girls room but life happened and I haven’t gotten there. 
So Friday I looked it up on the net and did a phone order. The bed was delivered on Saturday 
How easy is that. 


The boys will come over and help me put it together one day this week  
I’m sure it should be pretty easy. 

I’ll need to get sheets and a doona for them. But I’ve decided I’m going to make two of these butterfly blankets and use them on the beds 
I have 93 squares so far. I’ll need 99 for each blanket 
9 across and 11 down 

Do they look like butterflies?

So I still have a long way to go. Which is fine 
They are easy to do and I make a few each night watching the telly. 

I can feel spring coming. Still bitterly cold but it’s getting lighter earlier each morning 
And they days have lovely sunshine. 
All in all life is moving along nicely 

See ya xxx

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