Friday, August 23, 2019

Two years old today

This is my beautiful niece, her hubby and my godson wyatt 
Is is a big two today 

Happy birthday wyatt. 
May you have many many more 


  1. If the niece is beautiful, is the husband not handsome, and we won't even get into the virtues of the baby--ha. Yes, they are a lovely, lovely family, so young and hopeful, and doting on their little boy--as I'm sure you are. But who is the man in the reflection, and is he using what looks like a cooker that's in front of him?

    1. That’s my brother in law he is outside. That is a window in their garage. And yes he is cooking the bbq
      That pic was taken on the day of his baptism and they had a bbq lunch for everyone.
      Yes the hubby is handsome and the baby well he is growing into a very handsome young young man