Sunday, May 24, 2020

Experiment baking

I’ve started back on my ketosis diet. 
Not really a diet. Just the way I will eat. 
I went off it while in iso because it was just easier, or so I thought 

I started to gain weight 
And I have a nagging feeling I have more pain and inflammation when I eat carbs 
Not a scientific explanation but just how my body reacts 

I know since I started to eat this way again the swelling in my hands has subsided 
And the weight is slowly moving down again 

But I really missed bread 
So I found a recipe for keto bread and today I made some 

It looks like bread and sounds like it when tapped to see if it’s cooked 
And it slices nicely as well. 
The eggs I used were from a local egg farm and a few of them were double yolks 
So it smells eggy but it didn’t taste like eggs so that’s ok 

I didn’t have almond flour. Just almond meal so I used that 
And I didn’t have the Xanthan gum
But it has stayed together well 

I sliced it still warm and had it with butter. Yummmmm
It freezes well so I’ll freeze some and keep some in the fridge for me to eat over the next few days 

Here is the recipe I used. 
I got it from the net 
If you give it a try.  Post it and let us all know how it turned out 

The sun is shining today although it’s been wet and cold 
The craft room is progressing 
I’ll post about that in the next day or two 
Hope your all well and safe 
See ya xxx


  1. The bread looks great for a gluten-free. We might try that. I have some chestnut flour and will see whether that works. Will let you know the results. (F) (Tigger not interested in bread - he's currently guarding the oven with the roasting chicken.)

  2. I really must try a keto diet. I have put on so much weight during isolation my knees are complaining for the first time. I used to do intermittent fasting enjoyed that. I've gotta get serious. Summer heat is going to knock me out.
    Must look for almond or other flour. May just be able to find some in our supermarket, if I'm very lucky.
    Good luck with your regime. Tell us more

  3. Looks delicious but also expensive! How big is the loaf? I might try this diet one day but I think it’s difficult/expensive for the ingredients here. I really don’t understand why or how dried fruits like raisins, sultanas etc and nuts like almonds that actually grow here are three times the price than the UK!! Ah well, the wine is much cheaper!