Sunday, May 31, 2020

The last of the autumn sunshine

The sun was shining today and it wasn’t too windy so I decided I’d tackle the roses 
They bite so I always have to work myself up 
So I turned this 

Into this 
Also weeded as we went along 
It definitely needs a new layer of mulch 

Meanwhile hubby weeded the veggie gardens. 
The first garden is going fantastic and I’ve been harvesting greens for our dinner now for over a week 

The second planting. The plantings of leek have disappeared 
I think birds scratching for bugs either ate them or just dig them out and they died. 
I might try again if the seedlings are much bigger. 
There was such a rush on veggie seedling they were selling them very small 

The first batch of the broccoli is ready for harvesting 

The cabbage is coming along soon will be ready 

The camellias are all still alive and doing well 
There is even new growth so that’s a good sign 

A bowl of mixed greens 
There’s is the broccoli, kale, silverbeet and some beetroot leaves 
I’ll blanch them and make them into a kind of warm salad 

So that was our day today 
It all took longer than it used too and I even had hubby to help me 
But I guess I just need to admit defeat and listen to my body and do it as I can 

Hope your all safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. It's been a fab day hasn't it Angela.....turning cold now.
    I'm finding the pruning hard going this year. Did one bed during the week then half of another yesterday but was too bushed to finish today. Will have to rug up during the week and finish then. Had let the weeding go when my back wasn't cooperating so will do it bit by bit......a bit of rain will help soften things up hopefully.
    Summer can't come back soon enough!

    1. I know my bones will appreciate the return of summer
      Take things slow it’s my new mantra
      Stay warm

  2. Great job in the garden. Clearly paying off with the greens.

  3. Loads of hard work but look at those vegetables. What a variety. You're going to be very healthy over the winter.

  4. All the veggies sounds and looks yummy

  5. Thanks everyone we are lucky to be able to grow food all year
    It’s always extra yummy when it’s home grown

  6. "The Last of the Autumn Sunshine" strikes me as a very sad title for a Blogpost because I hate the coming of winter so much that I have come to dread it even during the summer. For example, it's now nearing the Summer Solstice here, and so I know the days will soon be getting shorter and shorter, like Chinese Water Torture.

    I enjoyed the photos. "Listening to one's body" is something that one has to more and more of with age.