Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Today for lunch

Got up early today 
Would of been lovely to head off to the pool but still 
Not able too 
So decided to start the process of making the dough for the boys lunch 
Got the rising happening in front of the fire 

Then made the focaccia filled with cheese and salami 

Now being enjoyed in front of the wood fire outside 

The boys really enjoyed it. 
I’m the best boss ever! 

See ya xxx


  1. A couple of years ago I worked a very snowy winter in Bergen (Norway). The only part of my tiny apartment that was heated was the bathroom floor (old, very old, building; renovated bathroom). The easiest way to warm the place was to open the bathroom door and turn the floor temperature up. So bathroom floor was a great place (if slightly weird) to prove bread. Your fire place looks like just the sort of thing a Tigger would approve of.