Friday, May 15, 2020

The week that was

Happy Friday everyone. 
What a week we have had 
I’ve been and got my results of my scans I have a bulging disc, fractures in the spinal bones and nerve damage
And they have been there for a while 
I knew this already but it’s nice the doctors now know 
So a care plan in now in place and we will do what we can to bring my pain levels down 

It will all get much better once pools open and I can swim daily again 

Mean while
Hubby had an accident and has broken some ribs 
So we are both hobbling around like two old cripples right now
Feeling very sore and sorry for ourselves 
But as always we will survive it’s going to be a hard few weeks I guess 

On other news fronts 
My roof is going on my craft room as I type  
Hopefully it will get done before the next lot of rain 

Still working on those baby blankets for charity number six is almost finished 
Pink diamonds I really like this pattern. Not hard at all and I can listen to my audiobooks 
While I crochet 

Just finished book one of the Belgariad and about to start book two. 
Love these books and can read or listen to them read time and time again 

Today I made more soup and a rosemary focaccia to go with it 
The rosemary is from my garden. I love when I can use ingredients 
That are home grown always taste better I think 

That’s the latest news from the nest 
The weekend looks promising. The rains have stopped for now 
We won’t be doing anything strenuous just resting and recovering 
But you never know what the days will bring 
Enjoy your weekend
Stay safe and well 
See ya x


  1. You crochet so fast - they are very pretty. That is dreadful about the diagnoses and your pain - repairable any of it?

    1. Unfortunately no. But if we can manage it. I’ll be ok thanks

  2. Heavens to Betsy. No wonder you are in pain. Perastika to you both.
    Absolutely love this crochet blanket stitch. You have a talent. I stick to granny square, mainly.
    Yummy foccacia. Stitch and eat and rest!

    1. It’s amazing how much the swimming was helping.
      Really look forward to going back

  3. Beautiful crochet as usual...I cannot work that fast! The focaccia looks delicious! And your diagnosis seem to match mine! It must be so painful for you. Do you know how you got the fractures? I am pretty sure dropping about 6 metres to the wooden gym floor from a trapeze did for me aged 15! At least it’s an interesting story! 🤣

    I hope hubbies ribs heal soon, they can be so painful. I was given huge plasters at the pharmacy that were impregnated with a strong painkiller. Each plaster lasted two days They helped take off the worst of the pain!

    1. I really don’t know. Could of been anything when your young you don’t feel it I guess

  4. Just reading about your doctor visit. I also start to hurt. Your craft room is coming along nicely