Saturday, November 28, 2020

A clean Bill of health

Today we went off to the vet for a check up and our yearly immunisation 
Trixie is getting used to her car seat, it’s perfect for relaxing and still being able to see out 

When she realised I was taking her pic. I got a smile lol 
She loves the camera 

The vet said she was in perfect health and was a good girl getting her shot 
Because of social distancing rules. I couldn’t go in with her. 
So I had to let my baby go by herself to get her vaccinations 

I was a nervous mummy waiting for her. But it wasn’t a long wait and the nice nurse was in there. 

No matter where we go. Everyone wants to cuddle and pat her
Which Trixie loves. She’s such a people dog  
The lady at the front counter even gave her a treat for being a good girl 

I bought her a new toy for the same reason lol 

After all the excitement of going out 
Trixie just bombed and slept 
She’s a little sookie right now. I’m typing this with her in my lap. 
But I’m sure she will be fine by tomorrow 

We have had over 28 days with no new cases of corona so we are said to have eradicated it. 
Although with boarders opening up I’m sure we will get a few cases here and there. 
Hopefully nothing more and we can continue to open up 

Looks like we might be able to have a family Christmas 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Sweet photos of Trixie. She really is smiling.
    Fantastic to hear you finally got the all clear. Get that Xmas tree up!

    1. I have to wait for the new carpet then I can put it up.
      But the way things are going. I don’t know if I’ll bother for just a week or so.

  2. Such a good girl.
    Stay Safe and Coffee is on