Sunday, November 8, 2020

Looking up

Life has been progressing slowly down under and especially here in Victoria 
We have endured one of the longest and harshest lock downs in the world. But 
It’s worked. 
Even though we have whined and hated it. 
We have missed our families and friends 
Our social life and our pastimes 
But we have crushed the curve and we have had no new cases or deaths for a week now 

So today. The sun is shining 
The birds are singing 
The sound of lawn mowers permeate the air
And life is definitely looking up  for us 

Our state is reunited and there will be no restrictions as to how far we can travel to see our loved ones from midnight tonight 
A great day 

Meanwhile I have been trying to keep busy 
I’ve set up a worm farm under my trees near the veggie patch 

I hope to at least be able to use the worm wee tea on the gardens regularly 

I’ve also hung up, finally! My native bee hotel 
Aussie bees, some species anyway, live solitary lives and they love to live in small holes 
Having planted lots of natives and lots of exotic flowers I’m hoping some native bees and good bugs move in 

If nothing else it looks pretty there. So I’m going to get me some more to hang around 

We lost two trees due to mild flooding. 
This is a wet patch during the normal winter. But this year we had lots and lots of rain 

My swim buddy and neighbour Claire replaced the trees 
She had given me the original ones 
She loves to plant seeds and watch them grow 

So fingers crossed these will take off 
Can’t remember what they are called but they do drink lots of water once they are established and grow. So hopefully by the next 
Wet winter they will be fine and help to drain the excess water away 

Hope your all well and happy 
Stay safe
See ya xxx


  1. Glad the lock down work, and I bet you got a lot of project done.
    Stay Safe and Coffee is on

  2. I love the idea of those native bees. Will be lovely to have some in that little hotel. Come on bees!

    1. Free board. Who wouldn’t want to move in lol