Sunday, November 1, 2020

Finishing off

Just because veggies gardens are productive doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty too 

This morning I added the tomatoes to the food area so that it’s all in the one spot 
The concrete walls will keel them warm. But unlike the concrete path the mulch will help keep
The soil temp down now the weather is going to start heating up. 

I wanted to pot up the grape cuttings and spaghetti squash 
So off we went to the nursery across the Highway for big pots 

This is what we bought for the grapes. It’s big enough for the roots to really spread out and we I’ll built a trellis for the vines to spread across the 
Back fence and around the side. It will help to create a micro climate and keel the temp down when it’s really hot. Also allowing the warmth in when it drops all its leaves in the winter 

These pots are large and squat. Perfect for growing the squash 
Hopefully the vines spread around the mulch staying clean from dirt 
All four seeds spouted so two in each pot  
It should look nice and lush here soon. 

Not bad for a mornings work 
I’m on the hunt for some timber now for the grape trellis 
Might have to do a bunnings run I think lol 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xx

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  1. It looks so nice and lot of hard work.
    Stay Safe and coffee is on