Tuesday, November 10, 2020

And so it begins

The year is slowly progressing towards Christmas 
And as I still haven’t got carpet in my craft room I can’t start decorating inside. 

So I decided I’d start outside. 

This is the front door. 
The lamps will get turned on during the Christmas week. Or they will 
Use up batteries but the effect of just then standing there is nice i think 

The nutcrackers are flags 
So they don’t take up space at all. 

When my nephew was here working on building the craft room I made this using up scrap timber 
He laughed thinking I had gone insane,  I think that ship has sailed lol 

But over the last two days I turn this 

Into this 
It’s not perfect. But I like it and it will be part of the decorations in the outdoor room 

The weather has been lovely the last few days. Very sunny and warm 
A taste of things to come 

We have now gone nine days of no covid cases 
We have almost all our freedoms back. 
We are able to travel all over our state 
Slowly businesses in hospitality, gyms and public pools are opening up 
There are limits on numbers. But it’s a start 

We still have to wear masks. But I hope that will go soon 
It gets too hot in summer for face coverings 
But we will wait and see how things play out 

Hope your all staying safe and sane in your world 
See ya xx


  1. I hope your son grovelled when he saw your great xmasssy artistic acheivement. Looks good. I was wondering when you'd start the deocrating. Love the nutcrackers. I'll do a search for them.

    1. It was my nephew and I sent him a pic. He said it was very nice lol

  2. It sounds like you love decorating for Xmas, Angela. It's not far away! We go away every year for most of December so I have only a couple of weeks left to get organised...I am way behind!! Meg🙂

    1. I love the look on my granddaughters faces the best.
      I only really started when they came along