Sunday, September 14, 2014

A restful weekend

The boys were all away for Harley's bucks weekend so bella and I had no one to bother us all weekend. I didn't all my washing on the Friday afternoon and spent the weekend just crafting and relaxing. Sunday morning I enjoyed my coffee in bed and was working on my charity knitting. I've been a bit slack and haven't made much for charity lately
So here is bella checking to make sure I have the correct number of rows done but that got really boring so she turned around and had a sleep. She was still on the job. Making sure I didn't get any knots in my yarn.
She really is a good girl lol
Hope you all have a greqt weekend
See ya xx


  1. It sounds like a great weekend for you and Bella!
    What are you knitting for your charity?

    1. Some baby clothes. I think this next box is going the royal women's hospital

  2. Bella seems so content! I loved the booties! I can't believe how talented you are!