Thursday, September 4, 2014


People have asked me why I blog. I tell them I blog for myself. In the past I used it as a kind of personal journal that I could go back and see what I did at the same time last year. It was  great when I was earthmama. It helped plan when I plant, where I planted and what I planted. It also marked the milestones during the years. 
But then it got to be more. One day I will leave this mortal coil, as we all must, and this will be left as a legacy for my children and grandchildren. 
Who know. Right now they don't really want to know about all the things I do and have done to help
make ends meet. But one day they might. I may or may not be here to share what I have learnt. I may be here. It unable to share for whatever reason they new can go back to earthmama and see for themselves what I did, what worked and the mistakes I made

But now it goes even further. This jacket that I finished not ten minutes ago. It's being made for my nieces first child. She is the first born off my brother. He and his fiancĂ© have both left us now and will never hold their fire grandchild. 
But I'm here and I knit for this baby, and blog about it.
Who knows one day that child my find his way to this post and see how I knitted for him
He will learn about me and what kind of person I am. He will learn that I did not live In a palatial home, I didn't use the finest yarns and that I wasn't in the best of healt. 
But I want him to know that in every stitch there is love, and as I knitted I thought of his grandparents and how much they would of loved him. And I'm sad that they will never hold him or know him 
But I want him to know that before he even got here he was loved.
So this is why I blog. So that when I'm gone, I'll still be here. 
See ya


  1. I really enjoyed this post. You are so right. Allot of life and living went in your blog. We both overcame allot. Learned and grew allot over the years. Now wisdom is shared like a history book of our own. The sweater is beautiful. And will be treasured by him and his Mum.

  2. Good on you Angela. I am sure your brother is smiling, he would be proud that you are looking out for his daughter and her bub.

    If you were looking for an interesting night out, Sue Nicholson is a medium who is touring your way. You can look up her shows here I have seen her shows twice and enjoyed them immensely.

    Julie and poppy Q

  3. That turned out really cute!
    You may want to copy and paste your blogs and keep a hard copy. My old blog (Jack and Jill) is long gone.
    Have a great day!