Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Anything you can do

Remember a few months ago baby girl broke her wrist, well this is Harley's ankle. He's her fiancĂ©. 
Yup was wrestling with one of the groomsmen and he heard a pop. Ankle broken. Now the problem is that he has to have a cast on for 6-8 weeks, but the wedding is in only four. See the problem
Baby girl was not happy.
But I told her it's ok you have had your something going wrong. The rest of the speeding will go off fine
We oldies just think it's funny, unfortunately he cannot work and as they have just started their own business it wasn't great it ring, but hey that's life right 
Meanwhile once I got home from our bus trip I  continued on with the knitting, I've since finished the white stripe and back onto the yellow
As this is not something I can do while watching TV I started another infinity scarf. This one is for my friend sue. Everyone who sees my scarf wants one! 
So as you can see life keeps on rolling on. The wedding getting closer and closer, getting all those little details taken care of.
And then it will be full on euro trip time as we leave four weeks after that.
Have a great y'all 
See ya


  1. Oh dear, I hope they weren't planning on him wearing a tux. It doesn't look like a walking cast... or a first dance one either. I can see why your girl isn't happy. Well, they will have the rest of their lives to make up for it.

    Your knitting is beautiful, it's really coming along!

  2. Sending healing thoughts and prayers! Poor thing!

  3. Love your knitting project, Angela! Such bad luck for the young couple, but what exciting things you have ahead :-) Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog xx