Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ta da!

Finished two. One for the new baby and alone to put away for when anoth comes along
I have found some really cute booties I want to try so bad. And as luck would have it I found a tutorial on YouTube. So I'll be tackling that next. I show you as soon as I get around to doing them. 
Yesterday I was supposed to go into the airport with leanne and drop off her mother in law. But plans changed. I drove into the airport and home again. On my own! Never done that before. Right out of my comfort zone.
Meanwhile leanne was taken to hospital by ambulance. More pain.
Will know more today
Have a good one y'all 
See ya


  1. Adorable little jackets!
    It's amazing (even to us) what we women can do when we have to.
    Sending best vibes to Leanne.

  2. Such lovely baby jackets, they are so sweet. You have done a great job. Good old youtube, it is helpful for almost anything :)

    Hope Leanne is doing okay....


  3. Sorry to read about Leanne's pain ((hugs))
    You are really going leaps and bounds with your knitting,