Monday, May 11, 2015

Going potty!

No not toilet training lol  I'm getting into my pot plants again. 
I decided I liked my peacock where he was so I revitalised the old planter and but some seedlings in 
Once they grow it will look lovely I think . 
Had extra seedlings so I pulled these out of storage and planted them up too. I hope they will give me lots of colour in 6-8 weeks. Right when the dreary days of winter will really need it. 
And today's effort. I just ran into Aldi to get some mince and I saw this. I thought. I know just where you should live. I also got the fern at Aldi too. Bonus!
I think it really spruces the place right up. And red is a happy colour I think 
So I got my gardening fix yesterday and today. I wonder what tomorrow will bring lol
See ya


  1. The planter should look nice once the plants get established.
    You got the tea pot at Aldi? That is so cute!

  2. I've got the same teapot planter from a previous
    Aldi sale (my SIL in Victoria got it for me) -
    mine has succulents in it. I'd love to get more!

  3. I love the red teapot planter, it is so bright and cheery!