Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday morning

Look how big. Most of the timber Fran is finished. There are some finishing off bits and bobs but I think the boys did an awesome job. It really is much bigger than I expected. I'm a happy girl. It will look great when finished
While the boys were outside busy working. I was inside creating. I'll finish the blanket part today. It will go into the charity pike at knitting group. 
Yesterday to keep them from being underfoot and hurt should anything fall we locked the dogs up at the workshop. Hubby forgot to go get them before bed and decided that they could stay there. But around one o'clock this morning we heard the chickens start to carry on. Yup a fix in the hen house. So after chasing it away the dogs were brought back. Happy to say no further interruption to our sleep. 
At least the dogs now know we know they work hard all night long on guard duty lol
Enjoy your Sunday 


  1. That is massive. So happy for you. Glad you saved the chickens. The dogs do come in handy. I lovethe bunny too.You are so creative. :)

  2. I agree it is big, but will be a great shady spot. Love what you are knitting/crocheting.