Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wintery weather

Last night and today the wind is blowing. The rain is coming down and the temp is hovering in the low teens. (Celsius) 
This has made my pain levels go up and the combination of pain and wind noise has kept me up half the night. 
I'm tired, sore and grumpy
Not a good day for me
So I'll stay inside and maybe watch some comedy to help me laugh.
What to you do to distract yourself from your pain and tiredness? 
I hope your all having a better day
See ya


  1. I read and then occasionally fall asleep. :)

  2. We are having kinds the same weather. I use a moist heat to calm the pain. Or soaking in a hot bath. With apple cider vinegar and Epson salts. I so wish you well. And wish for a cure.

  3. I am a grumpy Gus also when I don't get enough sleep. I tend to stay away from everyone when I am like that, as it is safer for everyone!!

    1. Absolutely. Do not come near unless you have chocolate. Then just put it down and walk away lol. I had a much better sleep the next night so it was all good again