Sunday, May 17, 2015

Quickie project

Decided I wanted to start and finish a project in one day. All my current WIP are long term ones 
Can you guess what it's going to be 
The body is done. Any hints yet! 
Finished. I hope it looks like a kitty. Because that's what it's supposed to be lol
She even has a tail. 
This will be going into the pile of toys that we send off to the children's hospital. 
I hope some little person likes it. 
It's made with love if nothing else 
See ya


  1. That's very cute, I am sure there is a child just waiting to love it.
    (In the beginning... um... it looked like... um...a warmer (blush) of sorts. I was relieved to see it turn into a cat!)

    1. Hahaha. I just looked at it. And yes it looked a little on the suspect side lol

  2. what a cute little toy. I think I may even be able to knit that!!!

    Here is the pattern Gill