Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Very tired, and a little angry at myself

On Monday I felt really good so I decided to prune my roses. As you can see it's been a while so I got stuck in and got going. I turned this
Into this. Unfortunately I missed the signal that I was tired and I over did. Now being Wednesday the post exertion all malaise has kicked in and I am feeling very sore and sorry for myself. 
I did spend yesterday just resting but obviously not quick enough. So today there was no swimming and I will be resting again until it's time to go to knitting group. I will make the effort otherwise I will just be miserable sitting at home alone 
Plus I finished this over the weekend and I really want to put it into he charity pile before it gets sent off. 
So there is my story. My OCD is kicking in and the roses left are really annoying me. But I need to listen to my body and not do any more till I have recovered from my crash. 
How do you cope? Do you over do and then pay the price? 
I'm not sure what the answer is. But I know that I will get back up and get back out there because my mental health is just as important. 
Enjoy hump day
See ya


  1. Sorry about that. When I over-do anything, I pay one way or another. I have no answer.

  2. Oh Angela,
    I turn the big 5-0 this August and I have to admit - I hate it when I have to stop and realize I'm not 29 any more. I can't physically do what I use to!!! I "plant" one of those beach umbrella's In the ground where i'm working in my garden and move it around the garden with me. The sun,once my sun tanning friend can drain the energy out of me faster than most anything. Also, I seem to spend more time figuring out how I am going to do my- to do list rather than just jump in head first ( like I would do in yesteryear) lol
    How do I cope - I find living in denial works wonders. lol