Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A sad, happy birthday

For those that have been following my blog for a while know about the cancer journey I travelled with my best friend Leanne. 
You will also know that last November she lost that battle 
Here she is at my daughters wedding. A week later she was gone 
Here she is being silly like we alway were she told me never to show anyone this pic. But hey I've hung on to it so I'm going to show you lol 
Here we are with her Steph mum and me at chemo.
Today is her birthday. The first without her and it's been painful. But I know she would want us to be happy and live our lives
So I say happy birthday Leanne. I love and miss you everyday 


  1. a sad day for you, but a day knowing she is no longer in pain. A time to reflect and think of the good times.

    Thinking of you, Gill

  2. She will always be there for you, not just the unhappy part but all the fun times.
    Just look at that smile. Lovely, happy, wonderful. Hang onto that.

  3. (((((((Big, big hugs)))))))

    I have no words except that I am thinking of you at this sad time Angela. Hang on to all the good memories of a wonderful friendship shared. ~Friends are Forever~

    Tania xoxo

  4. Hugs, Angela. thinking of you today.

  5. That’s really sad. I feel, she is seeing you from heaven and want you to be happy all the times. I also had a friend who is suffering from cancer. Last week we celebrated her birthday at one of the best party space rentals in Brooklyn and enjoyed a lot together. I always wish the best for her!!