Saturday, June 27, 2015

Getting firewood

Dear hubby cutting it up 
Some viewers 
Dropping it in. Helps if you have machinery
Trailer load
Even the ute is full
Minefield try and avoid lol 
And a roadblock to contend with.
It was a busy day at our friends farm lol
See ya


  1. What a wonderful adventure you had. So happy you have machinery. Those are quite big logs.

    1. Oh my yes Grammy. Our friend who owns the farm has lots of machines and they are huge! Once we got home hubby unloaded and we will use our own tractor to lift the large logs and cut them. I think that will be another post lol

  2. Looks like good dry wood to keep you warm! (Lots of work - even with machinery)

    1. Yes still lots of hard work. But it's done now and we have lots of wood at home which we can split using the hydrolic splitter. Much easier than swinging an ax!