Monday, June 1, 2015

Another busy weekend

The young guys came back and put a roof on the veranda on Saturday. They still need to finish off the pergola, no roof but the pretty bits that stick out, and then stage one is done. 
The painter just came and dropped off all his equipment but it's too cold to paint. 
Apparently you just cannot paint under 10 deg cel. 
That's fine. It will all happen when it's supposed too.
I finished pruning the roses and was ready to level and mulch but it absolutely poured with rain so I had a nice hot bath lol 
After that we watched the footy and my team won 
So all in all a very busy and productive weekend 
Love them have a good one
See ya


  1. Looking nice! Makes me really want one just like it.

  2. perfect place for me to sit in the shade. Got below 10 oC here yesterday as well!!

  3. Good going with the outside work. Bet you are glad of that protection with the weather we are having. Seems like winter has deifinitely arrived!!.