Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Progress report

The pergola is now finished. Painting is coming along. The down pipe will be plumbed into our bathwater pipe that goes out into our paddock. 
As soon as the second coat of paint is finished I'll be able to go crazy and hang pot plants and bring my citrus trees from around the front to their final place. 
This is now my favourite part. The finishing touches. I'll also look for a table and chairs set. I'm thinking those fancy metal ones would look nice 
What do you think? Any suggestions would be great 
See ya


  1. It looks fantastic! I would buy the most comfortable furniture you can find. It is better to feel like you could stay there forever.

  2. the metal chairs tend to get hot in the sun. How about all weather wicker? I agree with Grammy, make them as comfy as possible. It is looking good, well worth all the effort I think.

  3. That is gorgeous! I want one! (Never happen of course - I asked) No idea for furniture or table, I have always favored a bistro set, but I know you want family dining, so?

  4. Looking good Angela. I bet you cant wait to get out there and relax :)

  5. Hi ANGELA your back yard is looking great. I have some all weather outdoor wicker chairs that have been outside for 6 years and are still looking great.