Thursday, June 25, 2015

Garden tails

The roses I planted in hanging pots doing really well 
Baby lemons on my potted Myer 
Seedlings growing so that eventually the peacock will be standing in a beautiful green carpet 
Wine barrel seedlings growing nicely, I wonder do I need to pinch the tops to make them fill out?
Roses coming back. Lots of little green buds but also flowers! 
The strawberries are doing really well and the blueberries have grown hopefully I'll get something this summer
My cabbages. Ready to eat me thinks.
Broccoli should soon start producing I hope yummy
My kale I've already had some and put it a vegetable soup. 
Peas growing nicely
Celery also have harvested for my soup. It looks and smells wonderful 
So what's happening in your gardens this cold winters day?


  1. If it was winter here, which thankfully it is not, nothing grows unless it's sitting on a window sill on the sunny side of the house. I know, I know, I live in the wrong part of the world. You are so fortunate to have goodies in your winter gardens.

  2. Yes I do, our winters are mild so we can. We just have to be careful of those few frosty mornings. But usually it's all good.

  3. I love your gardens, barrels and planters. It is very apparent you have a green thumb. :)
    I never had any luck growing broccoli or celery - good for you. Makes me want to go have a salad! lol
    Keep the pictures of your gardens coming - it makes me feel like i am there.